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At MAZii we Engage in and Facilitate Intergenerational Communication through the use of Technology.
MAZii was founded by Andrea Lawrence in 2007, with a vision for community development through the use of technology integration. We train youth (ages 16-24) on how to teach technology to senior citizens. We conduct a variety of project-based learning classes including our most popular- “ilive”- which affords to seniors the ability to use tools to document in a digital fashion their autobiography. It is amazing how gratifying that particular experience is for both who share in it. In addition to creating their amazing autobiographical project, the seniors learn how to make better use of computers, mobile devices, cell phones, and cameras. As for the intergenerational aspect of our protocol- it allows both generations to gain from what the other has to offer. The interaction goes a long way toward enhancing the quality of their lives.
At MAZii our mission is to engage in and facilitate InterGenerational Communication through the use of Technology.

Latest Initiative


1 Million Youth to 1 Million Seniors

How it All Began

MAZii was founded by Andrea Lawrence in 2007, with a vision for community development through the use of technology integration. Our unique intergenerational programming creates relationships through technology projects. That's what we do! We engage in and facilitate intergenerational communication. Relationships are fostered among two generations, and much is learned from all who share the MAZii experience.

We love the work and to be the conduit that facilitates and engages in communication between people and of course we love our tools(technology). Alarming numbers of older adults feel disconnected, and an equally large number of youth feel misunderstood.​​What better way to connect the two generations than by using a tool (technology) that requires conversation, learning and teaching.


Our Programs

INTECHIES work with older adults at their church or community center for 8 weeks on a technology related project. Volunteer Today!

Our Projects

Film Festival
A Story of the Ages film festival unites young people and senior citizens across cultures to create autobiographical mini movies. This learning experience provides transformational intergenerational communication and much more. Nominate a candidate!

Ambassadorship Program

Leadership Program
The MAZii Ambassadorship Program is comprised of individuals who are committed to their community and are trained to lead various projects. This unique 12-week program is an opportunity to transform both community and lives. Apply Today!

Our non-traditional projects solidify closer relationships through one on one engagements. Every year, we conduct two signature projects that bridge the inter-generational gap through the arts while promoting the use of technology among seniors.

Digital Duo Day
Digital Duo Day is an outdoor Inter-generational tech expo. Youth and Seniors get plugged into technology “together” ( the MAZii way) to engage in conversations which will help to close the digital divide.

At the beginning I was not comfortable working with seniors. I never worked with seniors before. I had no idea how it was going to be like working with people that are not your age. But I really liked it and it worked out very well. It was nice working with the seniors in MAZii computer class. I really learned a lot. I learned how to communicate with seniors and now I think I will be able to teach.

Zaka Hassan

MAZII has grown to mean a lot to me, working with everyone truly made my summer and think about which road I am going to travel down for my future. I am truly considering becoming a teacher.


My name is Lena Jefferson and I am proud to be a student in the computer class. When I started I was a computer dummy but since many things have been taught to me and many things learned by me. I have overcome the fear of the computer and will be glad to further my learning. The instructors were helpful and showed great concern learning. Thank you

Lena Jefferson



Our Team

Andrea Lawrence / Founder
Gabriel Pappas / Chairman of the Board
Intechies / Support Group Intechies

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